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In 1433, King Min Saw Mon Established Mrauk U as the Capital of the last Unified Arakanese Kingdom. The city Eventually Reached a size of 160,000 in the Early Seventeenth Century. Mrauk U served as the capital of the Mrauk U kingdom and its 49 kings till the Conquest of the kingdom By the Burmese Konbaung Dynasty in 1784.

Mrauk U can Rightfully be claimed as the Open-air Museum of the arts and culture of the people of Rakhine. Mrauk-U was known by the People as Mrohaung (Old City). The name Mrohaung was given by the British when they Shifted their seat of Administration to Sittwe in 1826. The original name was Restored in 1979. The city is just 40 miles away by River from Sittwe and the trip takes 3 to 4 hours.The City offers the visitor many Chances to study the Cultural and Traditional Heritage Handed down to the Present-day Rakhine Generation by their Forefathers. The Golden days of this city were between the 16th and 17th centuries and Contemporary to the days of the Tudor Kings, the Moguls, the Ayuthaya Kings, and the Ava (Inwa), Taungoo and Hanthawaddy kings of Myanmar.

There are daily flights to Sittwe from Yangon which take 2 hours via Thandwe. The boat departs from a Jetty in the Sattroegya, a Tributary creek of the Kaladan River and on the Way There Are many Places of Interest to be seen Along the River. The Gateway to Mrauk-U is Thantara Village from Where the Undulating hills of the City with White Temples and Pagodas on their Tops Appear within Sight. The Thinghanadi creek is the city's life-blood and the boat journey ends at Aungdatt wharf. The stone Pagodas were Built three and four Centuries ago and Many have been Totally Neglected for the last 150 years.